The Van Dyke family gathering by the fireplace (1960s.)

From left to right: Barry's youngest sister Carrie-Beth sitting on her mother's lap, his brother Christian, father Dick reading a story, Stacy tenderly hanging on to dad and front row seated on the floor: Barry!

Michelle & Dick Van Dyke at a Barbra Streisand Concert in 2000.

Dick befriended  Michelle Triola Marvin (then a secretary for his agent at William Morris) after he got divorced from Marjorie. Ever since the 1980s they have been together. Michelle had a cameo part in 'Diagnosis Murder' Deja Vous (aka-Deadly Mirage) where she played Mark Sloan's friendly, singing neighbor.


Barry and Mary Van Dyke

They got married in 1974, have 4 children: Carey, Shane, Wes and Taryn and 2 granddaughters: Ava and Gracie. Carey and Anne Van Dyke's little girls.

  February 1993 - A close-knit family
 Dick Van Dyke gets his star on the Hollywood 'Walk Of Fame" and the family gathers around him. From left to right you recognize: Dick's brother Jerry, Dick, Carey, Shane, Barry, Mary Beth, Kristen, Taryn, Michelle, Wes and Kevin McNally (Carrie-Beth's husband and our fave EMT on DM!) and kids.